Life With Allana presents a full day of wellness in the
comfort of your own home or office.

WELLNESS: the quality or state of being in good health
especially as an actively sought goal.

If you have been struggling to incorporate some healthy eating, moving or meditation into your life, this event is for you!

15 Speakers gathered on Nov. 6, 2020 and shared their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm about a wide variety of topics to help you learn how to incorporate wellness into your busy life.
(Value $149)

Along with over 5 hours of video content you also get 3 bonus videos featuring Allana Pinkerton's health & wellness lifestyle and 3 digital downloads to help you achieve success!!

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A Downloadable Shopping List with a built in calculator
to help you shop for healthier foods.
 (Value $67)

A sneak peak at Allana's new cookbook. You get 15+recipes with this unedited version, but it's a special look at what's to come. Follow @allanapinkerton on Instagram for more meal ideas.
(Value $37)

A FREE copy of
The Nine Secrets to Optimum Health Without Stepping Foot in the Gym. (Value $25)

Video How to Make Taco Tuesday taste better
 and be healthier without causing inflammation.
 (Value $99)

Video Sneak Peak into Allana's Kitchen. So many people want to know how a healthy living kitchen should be stocked with food and equipment. (Value $86)

Video How to Have More Energy. We all want more energy, right? This video gives you realistic tips on how
to get more energy through natural sources.
(Value $67)

GET ALL OF IT for only $47.00

Why such a low price? I want to tempt you to take care of yourself without breaking the bank! After all, I am trying to decrease your stress, not add to it, right?

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Meet Our Speakers

Lauren Whitt, PhD 
Keynote Speaker
Well-Being & Resilience Expert

Allana Pinkerton

NASM Nutrition Coach
Event Organizer & Host
Life With Allana

Saarah Samadani

Holistic Health Practicioner

Alex Noelle

Singer-Song writer, Music Therapist will entertain us with her soulful music and melancholy voice.
Alex Noelle Music

Nicole Allshouse

TV Talk Show Host

Media Consultant-Speaker Coach

Sita & John Kelly

Fascia Release-Flexibility Experts
Bendable Body Website

Angelina Spicer

Comedian/PPD Activist
Postpartum Depression Documentary

Karli Amonite

Regenerative Farmer-CEO
Heritage Hills Farmstead

Madison Cleckler

Women Fitness Specialist
Madiaon Cleckler Website

Kathy Amos

Spiritual Leader, Coach, & Author
Coach, Speaker, Pastor

Jonesy Thompson

Health & Positivity Enthusiast
Essential Oil Your Way to Wellness

Kim Rosas

Founder & CEO Period Nirvana
Period Nirvana Website

Catherine Yewel

Health Coach for Busy Moms
Health Coach

Gina Hill

Autoimmune Warrior/Lectin Free Chef
Lectin Free Creations

Carolyn Cohen

Health Coach & Podcaster

Wellness While Walking Podcast