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I hope you enjoy my products. Most of them are FREE downloads. Others are for purchase. My goal is to always make my products affordable for everyone! My mission in creating this business is two-fold. Make a living doing something I am passionate about, helping my clients succeed and provide for those in need. 

  • When it comes to helping 1 Million People Live Healthier, I know there are so many communities who are in need of proper nutrition, education and resources to live healthier. Profits from the sale of my products will end up helping thousands, if not millions of people, especially children. I am a far cry from accomplishing this goal, but it is part of my plan in building this community and business. I hope you'll stick with me and help me bring it to fruition. 

I appreciate everyone of my customers who have supported me in this endeavor. Without you, building this business would not be possible. I ask you to share my content from my social site and from my blog posts. Invite friends and family to subscribe to my newsletter by directing them to this page. 

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Who Is Allana Pinkerton?

Allana is a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach experienced Health Enthusiast & Motivator who lost 65 lbs., reduced aches and pain, increased energy levels (two fold), and now teaches others how to get to their next level of what they consider healthy. We are all different and therefore, not all of us can follow the same eating patterns, exercise routines or afford the same lifestyles. Allana has been living healthier since 2017,

Life With Allana Membership

Struggling with health issues or not able to lose weight? Did you know most, if not all health issues can resolve themselves with the right foods? 

What comes with the course? 

1. Insights to how
 I eat, drink & live healthier

2.  Shopping lists

3.  Meal ideas

4. Food education

5. Strategies & Support

6. Celebrations 

7. LIVE Chat w/me! 

JOIN the Live Life Better Club Today! 

Certified NASM
Nutrition Coach

Read What People Are Saying About Allana Pinkerton

I've known Allana for 17 years and she has always been in the business of helping others. She is full of wisdom and knowledge. Connect with her and I promise she will assist you in your journey for your best health. Always positive and encouraging, she will not let you down. 

Kristine, Birmingham, AL
Allana is always great at providing so much education on healthy living and what supplements support our immune system and the importance of reading labels. She eases my mind helping me navigate so much information.
Ken, Vestavia Hills, AL

Want To Learn From Someone Who Is Passionate?

"Watching someone change their lifestyle of eating can be very inspiring and sometimes stressful. Allana’s care and concern for other people has really helped me rethink how I eat and to pay more attention of how important it is that we take care our bodies. She is a sensational motivator for all of those around her and to those that she loves." 
Roberta, Jacksonville, FL


Who is this membership best suited for?

If you are ready to make some serious changes and follow at least 50% of what I teach you, this membership is for you! 

Is this for women only?

Heavens, No! Even men need to get healthy and it's great to get different perspectives. My husband enjoyed follow a healthier game plan so I know this will work for men. Men need just as much support as women and they belong in this community. 

Is the membership fee refundable?

If you are already worried about getting your money back, then this membership is probably not for you. You can pay monthly and cancel anytime. If you choose the one time payment, it will save you money. 

I value your time and mine. I don't want to see you waste your time paying for something you're not going to use. 

I have spent countless hours, days and weeks developing this membership and work with you to succeed on getting healthier. If you want this for yourself, JOIN. If not, I totally understand. You are welcome to come back at another time. 

We all have to be in the right mindset to make a change. I can only lead you part of the way. You have to do the work!

What does the membership include?

This membership will include a plethora of resources, tips, recipes, Live chats with me and extraordinary community of like minded people. 

It's a one stop shop, helping you weed through all the internet clutter and stick to a plan that has worked for me and my husband and thousands of others for the past 2+ years. 

I will work on bringing special guests to our group to inform and delight, at times.

With my guidance and some perseverance, we will help each other stay on the road to a life of better health. 

Do you work individually with people?

I do work individually with people, however I am going to share most of the same information in the membership club and it is more affordable to join. If you rather not be part of a group, please email me at allanacpinkerton@gmail.com

Do You Want Someone With Experience To Help You? Read What These People Rely On Allana

Allana is simply brilliant – and I trust her wholeheartedly! I’ve seen her physical and mental transformation and wish she was in my home guiding me every day. In any case, I have incorporated many of her suggestions in my life. I’ve picked up some great tips and tricks from her in other areas of my diet. Besides all of this, she is so motivating and buoyant, she’s a delight to watch, listen and talk to." 
Connie, Toronto
I am so glad Allana and my paths have crossed. I learn so much about how my health is affected by certain foods we consume, and what healthier alternatives are out there to replace simple things like processed sugar. The best part of knowing her through social is that she genuinely cares about others and her community—she is never pushy and doesn’t feed into diet culture that makes one feel uncomfortable. She makes it simple and welcoming, and totally achievable. Plus, she’s always there to offer extra advice and support!" 

~ Betty, Seattle


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~ Allana